Material Studies

Medical Grade Textiles, biocompatible textiles

What are Medical Grade Textiles?

The use of textiles and fabrics is becoming increasingly prevalent in the development of wearable medical garments, wearable organ holsters, and even being utilized as flexible mesh for medical implants. During the development and prototyping…

Biocompatible Fabrics

Biocompatible Fabrics

Biocompatible materials are materials that are compatible “with living tissue or a living system by not being toxic, injurious, or physiologically reactive and not causing immunological rejection” (Source). Simply put, these fabrics should be able…

Woven Vs. NonWoven

Woven Vs. Non-Woven Textiles

Fabric is a man-made material developed in ancient times and still has innumerable uses to this day. As a contract manufacturer, we have years of practice sourcing the perfect textiles for a project based on the…