Does your Product Need a Custom Carrying Case?

Custom Carrying Case Sample Room

When an OEM develops a product, transportation of said product is not something that is always considered. It can be difficult to transport specialized equipment, especially if it is on the fragile side and requires extra padding for damage prevention. But before considering whether or not your case needs a foam insert, it’s beneficial to know whether or not you need to develop a custom carrying case in tandem with your product.

There are any number of reasons that your product could use a custom case, one major reason being the aforementioned fragility. While transportation and safe storage may have been on the back burner during product development, transport could be difficult and risk damage and a pre-existing carrying case might not be convenient or protective enough. Development of a case that was designed specifically to protect your product can lead to a longer product life, increased durability, and ultimately increased satisfaction with product performance. Another reason to develop a custom carrying case is as a marketing and packaging tool. Branding a custom case with your logo can lead to brand recognition (this even works in niche medical markets such as condition-specific equipment, as the product will be relevant to the environment it is in). Using your carrying case as packaging for your product and including it with the purchase of the product is another way to ensure secure transportation, minimal product wear (if any – our durable carrying cases offer maximum protection and can be padded for additional protection), and brand recognition.

When working to design a custom carrying case, it is important to seek someone who has experience in the field. Fieldtex Products has specialized in designing and developing custom carrying cases for specialized medical, communications, government, and other specialized equipment for over 40 years. Our industrial sewing capabilities and large selection of materials allows for endless custom options. Our custom cases speak for themselves, and have earned our cases a reputation for toughness and dependability.

In short, yes, it is likely that your original product could benefit from a custom carrying case. The marketing and packaging opportunities and ability to ensure that your product will be transported and stored in a way that will ensure its safety are just a few of the reasons that a custom case can help your original product.

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