Manufacturing Backpacks in the USA

Manufacturing Backpacks in America

Historically used by the military, backpacks have always been an integral tool to humans. As an American manufacturer of textile carrying cases and soft material wearables, we are no stranger to developing custom Backpack designs. Our experience manufacturing backpacks spans across all industries – from EMS and First Responder, to Military, to Athletes, to fit the needs of specialized equipment transport, and more. As a method of convenient transportation that spans across all industries, Fieldtex continues to be an innovator in the backpack design and prototype field, both independently and via contract sewing projects.

Fieldtex Tactical Backpacks

Fieldtex MOLLE compatible Tactical Backpacks line. Click to enlarge.

Backpacks, like any carrying case, are inherently designed to safely and efficiently get materials from Point A to Point B (and beyond). While the protection is mostly provided by the textile choice and construction, the method of transport is also a major source of protection and increased case lifespan. Using abrasion resistant Cordura and industrial sewing techniques on all of our carrying cases definitely helps, but there is a reason backpacks span industries. Backpacks inherently move less than a carrying case with handles or a cross-body strap, giving them less chances to become weathered or damaged (we design some of our EMS cases with handles or cross-body straps to have a replaceable bottom in anticipation of the inevitable beating they take in the field). Because it is close to your core, it is likely safer than something at your hip that could easily catch and snag on something, slowing you down – and in the case of First Responders, slowing response time.

This also plays into the ease of backpack transport – due to the even distribution of weight across both shoulders, it doesn’t cause a strain on one side of the body, allowing the wearer to stay more balanced even with heavier weight in the case. At Fieldtex, we are consistently testing and prototyping new designs for backpack straps to maximize wearer comfort and minimize strain. Backpacks also tend to be larger in volume than a traditional cross body or briefcase style bag, holding more, keeping your hands free, and impairing movement less. This extra space can also lead to better organization and additional interior pockets, pouches, or straps to hold things in place.

EMS AED Backpack

Fieldtex EMS AED/O2 Backpack.

Fieldtex has fine-tuned what features are important to each population, making it easier for us to design and prototype industry-specific custom backpacks. For example…

…and this barely scratches the surface of necessary specifications, or our manufacturing capabilities.

With the market ever changing, one thing is for certain: Backpacks are a durable and effective method for product transport, and can be customized to fit the needs – no matter how specific – of any situation.