Web Straps and Tie Downs: Applications and Good Practice

Web Straps Assembly and Good Practice

Some of the most versatile materials that we work with as a Contract Manufacturer are web straps and web strap assemblies. Working with web straps for over 30 years has helped us perfect the art of numerous applications on products, ranging from carrying case shoulder straps to industrial cargo nets. The versatility of these strap assemblies makes it easy (and often necessary) to integrate into any product, and the durability makes them ideal for medical and military applications.

We stock many different kinds of straps, ranging in both width (anywhere from 1/2″ – 2″) and material (we regularly stock nylon, cotton, and polypro, among other more specialty straps). We also have access to more heavy duty straps, which are ideal for heavy duty cargo netting systems that are used for containment and cargo lifting nets near docks, securing large materials or industrial cargo to trains and trailers for travel, and for use transporting supplies or containment on a construction site. Pairing these straps with hardware make them an almost un-tearable force, ideal for industrial field applications.

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There are truly innumerable applications for these straps. In their most basic form, these straps can be used as carrying case handles, shoulder straps, lanyards, medical sling straps, or (in some cases) straps that can be used on a MOLLE compatible case or vest for military use. Using straps paired with hardware as an alternative to a cut-and-sewn textile carrying case strap makes it easy to adjust, secure, and tighten any loose ends. When woven into a web (such as the picture above) and sewn to a piece of durable fabric, strapping has the tensile strength to be used as a transfer sheet for patients up to 600 lbs.

Different applications will require different levels of tensile durability. Our knowledgable and skilled in house Prototype and Design team knows the limits of material, and allows you to sample different types of straps before committing to a strap for a full production run. This will help you to ensure product performance is up to standard.

When using straps as tie downs in a truck or flatbed, the highest durability is required. Just as important as strap durability is choosing the proper anchoring points on your vehicle and knowing the Minimum Breaking Strength of your Tie Down (the tensile strength when the straps fail to support the load any longer). The same goes for using straps as heavy duty netting systems to lift cargo.

We use strapping systems in almost all of our custom products, as they not only ensure durability, but when paired with hardware, also provide another level of customization to the custom product.